B&C Mouldmaking Ltd: Services

Our Services include: Mould Making, Refractory & Restoration Work, Resin Rubber & Plaster Casing, Sanitary Mouldmaking, Pottery Moulds and Pottery Modelling

Manufacturing to pottery manufacturers and mouldmakers


B & C Mouldmaking ltd has been providing a service to pottery manufacturers and mouldmakers for many years. We have expertise in dealing with all areas of the industry which include: tableware, lighting, figures, sanitaryware, restoration and refractory work. All our mouldmakers are highly skilled and flexible which enables us to meet our customers varying needs. We also have highly skilled personnel to deal with all modelling blocking and casing requirements.

A bench system is used for tableware mould production as this enables each mouldmaker to produce the mould from start to finish ensuring a high quality mould.

Our warehouse can deal with any shipping requirements. Moulds can be palliated for collection or delivery.

Restoration and Refractory Work

Restoration and Refractory Work

We are able to work from blue prints or graphic designs to achieve a product that is required

Resin Rubber and Plaster Casing

Resin Rubber and Plaster Casing

We manufacture cases in resin, rubber and plaster depending on your requirements.

Sanitary Mould Making

Sanitary Mouldmaking

We have a dedicated sanitary department that specialises in sanitary mouldmaking, blocking, casing and modelling. We can take design concepts and turn them into working products. We have many years of experience of developing sanitary products. We are able to use a number of methods and materials from conventional plaster through to resins and rubbers. Our sanitary department is equipped to produce a wide variety of moulds, from beam to bench. We are also skilled in using a range of plaster types with varying plaster-water ratios.

Studio Potters (Pottery Moulds, 
                Pottery Modelling)

Studio Potters (Pottery Moulds, Pottery Modelling)

We at B & C are here to provide solutions for all types of customers. No job is too big or small. During our time in business we have dealt with many people who are working by themselves or have ceramic based hobbies. Whether you want a pottery mould made from a hand thrown pot or you want to get an idea to the production stage, we can help to identify your needs and find a solution for you.



More recently we have been receiving enquiries from students who are putting together projects and need help from an industry point of view. If you need some advice or you are actually going to produce a piece and require our services we will be happy to help. This also applies to any schools projects.

Any graduates or lecturers who are thinking of starting a business may find our advice and services beneficial.